Scholabrate® and You

We believe your online researcher profile is key to establishing trust and a fulfilling career. So, we developed Scholabrate® [skol-uh-breyt] - the professional social network for researchers that lets you develop your brand as a researcher, maximize your scholarly footprint, and access multiple communication modes to collaborative interactions. 

Designed for scholars, researchers, and scientists at all levels and from all sectors (academic, government, industry, and independent), Scholabrate creates a personalized experience for learning and collaboration, and an environment for accelerating your research and brand building efforts.

It's all about empowering knowledge makers. Article download statistics on a given platform are nice, but don’t tell the whole story – your story! So, we made sure that your Scholabrate profile gives a 360 view of who you are, your accomplishments, background, qualifications, and skills. And for those who like numbers, we also offer some of those.

All from within a secure environment, using a single-click access and across multiple devices (PC, Mac, Tablet, or Smartphone).

Below you'll find information about joining Scholabrate, logging in and out of your account, privacy & security, and deleting your account.


Some Scholanomics

Scholabrate membership and use are always free  and available across multiple devices (PC, Mac, Tablet, and Mobile). If your needs exceed the robust features offered by our free plan, you can always upgrade to one of our affordable paid plans.

You can view our different team plans here.

Yes. We’re Rated

To use Scholabrate, you must be 16 years of age or older.


Joining Scholabrate

Whether you’ve been invited to join by an existing Scholabrate member or want to join directly, the registration process is relatively straightforward and takes less than 2 minutes. Membership on Scholabrate is open to all scholars, researchers, and scientists at all levels and from all sectors ages 16 and up.

Joining with an Invitation

When a friend or colleague invites you to join, you’ll receive an e-mail invitation. The e-mail clearly identifies the sender and usually has Invitation to connect on Scholabrate. The subject line will be “[Your First Name], please join me on Scholabrate.”

After you open the message, you’ll see an invitation to join Scholabrate, with your colleague’s photograph. You’ll also see a button that takes you to your colleague’s Scholabrate profile page, and another button that allows you to accept the invitation and directs you to Scholabrate.

After accepting the invitation, you’ll be directed to Scholabrate’s registration page.

Joining without an Invitation

You can join Scholabrate directly without an invitation. Simply, open your browser and go to . When you’re ready to join, you can create a Scholabrate account using one of the following convenient methods:

  1. Click on “Join Now”
  2. Go through the registration process (less than 2 minutes depending on your internet speed)

Scholabrate Sign-up Options

After completing the registration process, you will receive a confirmation email to the email address you provided during your registration. To complete your registration, please click the link provided in the email message and follow the instructions.

Can’t Find your Institution


When you first join Scholabrate, you'll need to fill out some basic information about yourself to get the registration process going. This includes such things as your name, type of researcher you are, your main area of research, your email address, and your institutions.

When you enter your institution's name, a list of suggested institutions will appear for you to choose from. In some cases, your institution's name will not appear on the suggested list. In these cases, you will have the opportunity to add your institution to the database. Once the information is inserted, you can complete the registration form.

Input your text here! The text element is intended for longform copy that could potentially include multiple paragraphs.

Logging In and Out of Your Account

Once you create your Scholabrate account, you can access in and out of your account using the following procedures.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Enter your password
  4. Click “Login”.

Privacy & Security

Protecting Your Scholabrate Credentials

Scholabrate offers you the convenience of a single sign on (SSO) to all the features.

Your Scholabrate credentials are made up of the email address and password you use to sign in to Scholabrate. 

We take reasonable steps to protect information you provide us as part of the Scholabrate service and employ industry-standard practices to protect your personal information, including:

  • Strong passwords. We require using strong passwords. Your password must have a minimum of eight (8) characters and a number, an uppercase letter, and a lowercase letter. NOTE: You can always add extra characters to make your password even stronger.
  • Encryption and SSL. We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) on all pages you can view or change your password and other private information. Look for the HTTPS://  in your address bar when accessing Scholabrate and your personal setting page to know your session is fully encrypted and secure.

Here are some steps you can take to protect your Scholabrate account:

  • Protect your password.
  • Always use a strong password.
  • Never use your Scholabrate credentials with other online accounts.
  • Change your Scholabrate password on regular basis.
  • Always sign out of your account when using a public computer.
  • Avoid sharing your Scholabrate credentials with others.
  • Never share your Scholabrate credentials online and/or over email.

If you think your account has been compromised, reset your password  immediately.

Your Profile Settings

Your profile settings page can be accessed by clicking your profile photo icon located at the top right-hand corner of the Scholabrate web page. The Settings page allows you to:

  1. manage your personal information
  2. manage your notification, communication and related settings
  3. manage your privacy settings
  4. view subscription related information.

Managing Your Privacy Settings

You can easily manage your account and privacy settings from the Settings page. To edit your account's privacy settings:

  1. Log into your Scholabrate account
  2. Click your profile photo icon located at the top right-hand corner
  3. Select “Settings”
  4. Select “Profile Settings”
  5. Scroll down to “Privacy Settings”
  6. Edit the settings you wish to update
  7. Click “Save”

Managing Profile Visibility

You can control what sections of you profile page are visible to the public using the following steps:

  1. Log into your Schoabrate account
  2. Click your profile photo icon located at the top right-hand corner
  3. Select “Settings”
  4. Select “Profile Settings”
  5. Scroll down to “Public Profile”
  6. Check or un-check the profile sections you wish to show or hide
  7. Click “Save”

Is That Email Real?

Here are some tips to distinguishing legitimate emails from Scholabrate from illegitimate phishing emails:

  • Emails from Scholabrate will contain (i) the email address you used to register to Scholabrate and (ii) the name of the institution you are affiliated with.
  • Hover, but don’t click, your mouse over any link contained in the email text. If the hyperlinked address is different from the address that is displayed, the message is fraudulent or malicious.
  • In legitimate Scholabrate links, the URL should start with https:// and you should see the web security icon – a padlock – in the browser address bar.
  • To verify that you're on a legitimate Scholabrate site, make sure a forward slash ( / ) appears after "" in the URL bar. For example, "” is a fake web address but “” is a legitimate web address.
  • An email requesting personal information (such as passwords and credit card information) is a fake email. A legitimate email from Scholabrate will never ask you to provide confidential information in an unsolicited email.
  • If an email is asking you to call a telephone number, it is a fraudulent.

Deleting Your Account

If you don’t think you will use your Scholabrate account again, you can delete your account permanently.

Please note that, in accordance with our Privacy Policy deleting your account means the following:

  1. Your account is deleted immediately and you won’t be able to reactivate it.
  2. It may take up to 7 days for your public profile to be removed from Scholabrate.
  3. You won't have access to any information you’ve added to your account (including your connections).
  4. Your public profile will no longer be visible on Scholabrate.
  5. Your public profile may still be displayed temporarily on popular search engines (like Google and Bing)* due to the way such sites index, collect, and update their search data.
  6. You'll lose all data associated with research projects you initiated using Scholabrate’s collaboration tools.